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Grande slancio al progetto FUTURE

Business plan competition and dissemination of the ERASMUS + FUTURE project

On January 17, 2019 in the school lecture theatre of  Zespół  Szkół  Licealnych in Leżajsk two major events took place:

1.the contest WITH INNOVATION TO SUCCESS for the best business idea, organized as part of the European ERASMUS + FUTURE program.

2. dissemination of the  project ERASMUS +  Going towards the FUTURE : students in Europe through an educational entrepreneurial track.

At the beginning the coordinator –Mrs. Bogusława Kotwica presented the project's idea and objectives and the activities carried out so far. Then, the students covered by the project presented their work and shared their impressions of participating in the project.

In the second part the competition was held. First, the panel of judges and the participants were introduced and the rules were explained. Then, 5 students from our school presented their innovative ideas for their own business. The ideas were evaluated by a jury composed of: the chairman - Mr Dymitr Malec- deputy head of Zespół Szkół Licealnych, Mrs. Monika Stępień - director of the Poviat Employment Agency in Leżajsk, Mr. Edward Jonko - councilor of the Leżajsk Poviat and Mr. Krzysztof Rogowski - specialist for supporting business from Leżajsk Development Association. The judges assessed the ideas in the following criteria:

1. Innovation of the idea

2. Reality of the adopted assumptions

3. Knowledge of the market and industry

4. The skills of presenting the idea

The competition committee announced the following results:

1st place - Aleksandra Wach- who developed an innovative roof idea

2nd place - Sylwia Klimek  for an idea of a Florist’s

3rd place - Joanna Upchurch  for an innovative idea of yeast based manufacture

4th place - Anna Hacia for an idea of a photographic studio

5th place - Dominik Kozłowski for an innovative idea of a Cat Cafe


The audience – the school students voted for the best business idea in the form of real-time voting via the program to interact with the public using mobile phones and  Dominik Kozłowski for the idea of Cat Café won the vote.

The contestants were presented with diplomas and prizes  in the form of external drives, powerbanks, portable memory, headphones and mobile speakers, which were funded by the EU within the ERASMUS + FUTURE project.

The contestants demonstrated extraordinary creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship skills  in the presented ideas of their own business - they also prepared some product samples - Dominik Kozłowski - pastries, cakes and flower decorations for his Cat Cafe, Joanna Upchurch - yeast pastries, and Aleksandra Wach – a model of a house with a modern innovative roof.

At the end Dominik Tudryn – the winner of the school Got Talent competition  made a music piece Barcelona by a Polish music band, in which he argued that:

Happiness is so very close

Only If you want it

Build your future with your dreams

Your own destiny

It was a very positive event and the competition was informative and knowledge enriching for the participants along with the audience.

Bogusława Kotwica

Polish partner in Future Project 2017/2019

Erasmus + 2015 - 2017 all'IIS Carlo Levi

Il percorso e le attività realizzate per condividere questa magnifica esperienza in Europa.
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